Car air conditioning

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Filling and maintenance of car air conditioning

An efficient car air conditioning system becomes a determinant for many people's comfort on the go. Installations of this type require regular maintenance and inspections. Without them, it will lose performance over time, and the blown air will be of low quality. Due to negligence, individual components may fail prematurely and replacement compressor, evaporator or cooler can be very expensive. To provide professional services, the service technician should be equipped with appropriate accessories. Using them, they will be able to correctly perform key operations, i.e.
filling the system or checking its tightness. Lack of accuracy at maintenance work may result in incorrect operation of the air-conditioning system in
the car, as well as its premature failure and the costly replacement of many components. 

Service accessories for car air conditioning in the Elgracool store

The offer of the Elgracool air-conditioning and refrigeration warehouse is a wide range of products that they will prove themselves during the inspection and filling of car air conditioning systems. We sell refrigerants in cylinders that meet current safety requirements. Cooling oils designed for this type are also available installations, as well as fluids and accessories to help you check the entire system for possible leaks. In our offer you can also find repair kits, gaskets, filters, valves and necessary plugs. Elgracool also provides professional service tools, such as vacuum pumps
removing air from car air conditioning systems, filling hoses and quick connectors and reductions. Each product has a description in which you can find find its key parameters. Properly used quality equipment will certainly help to improve quality service services. It is worth taking care of professional workshop equipment to avoid simple complaints that not only generate additional costs, but also reduce the reputation plant.