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Refrigerant Cylinders

Refrigerant gases are substances that interact with the environment, necessitating their storage in a manner that not only ensures safety but also complies with regulatory laws governing the handling of controlled substances. This requirement leads to the use of specially designed containers, including refrigerant cylinders, utilized by service technicians and air conditioning installers. In this category, you will find a variety of models to suit your needs.

Our store offers cylinders of different capacities and pressure variants, manufactured from safe and durable materials. The stringent technical specifications guarantee the containers are leak-proof, allowing for repeated and long-term use. The cylinders available in our shop are intended for storing controlled substances used in the construction and servicing of refrigeration systems, as well as for their regeneration and disposal.

Types of Refrigerant Cylinders

Our selection includes high-quality cylinders for storing commonly used refrigerants such as R22, R134a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R507, R32, and R1234yf. Made from high-quality steel and equipped with certified valves, these cylinders are available in various capacities and can withstand pressures up to 48 bars, along with the refrigerant you require.

Besides storage cylinders, we also offer dual-valve recovery cylinders with water capacities of 12 and 27 liters. These are essential during the process of removing F-gases and other controlled substances from closed refrigeration and air conditioning systems. With growing environmental concerns, the recovery of refrigerant gases is becoming increasingly important, making the dual-valve recovery cylinder a necessary piece of equipment for businesses seeking F-gas certification.

The refrigerant cylinders and recovery cylinders we offer meet all national and European regulatory standards, ensuring the highest safety levels and are perfect for the storage and transport of controlled substances.

A dual-valve recovery cylinder serves as a container for storing controlled substances, such as F-gases (e.g., R22, R134a, R404, and others), after their recovery from a closed refrigeration system. The technical data sheet for each cylinder provides essential information such as the net weight of the cylinder, its maximum capacity, and the maximum gas pressure. A recovery cylinder is an indispensable part of every installer's toolkit.

Marking Requirements for Refrigerant Cylinders

Regulations regarding pressure vessels strictly dictate how a refrigerant cylinder must be marked. In addition to the water capacity expressed in liters, the cylinder must permanently display the validity period of its calibration (typically 10 years from the date of manufacture). If the collar of the cylinder shows a date of 2022-11, it means the cylinder's calibration is valid until November 2032. Additionally, the collar will display information such as the test pressure in bars (e.g., PH36BAR), the weight of the empty tank (without valve), and the π (pi) symbol, indicating compliance with ADR/RID requirements.

A full cylinder containing refrigerant gas should also be marked by the manufacturer or supplier of the gas. The filling company should label it with a sticker containing the chemical formula of the refrigerant, its designation (e.g., R410A), its ADR number (e.g., UN 3163) - identifying the substance as a dangerous good for international recognition, the full chemical name of the refrigerant, and an ADR warning sign in the form of a square sticker in an appropriate color (depending on its flammability level).