Solenoid valves

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Electric solenoid valves from our offer opened and closed by means of an electrical signal, are based on the principle of two-state regulation, which means that they can be either completely open or completely closed. They are used to control the flow of a substance, which may be a gaseous or liquid refrigerant, water or brine. They are most often used on a liquid line to stop the return of liquid refrigerant to the compressor after the device is turned off. 

The solenoid valves of this type consist of a body, a plug and an electromagnet which in turn consists of a core and a coil. Connecting electrical current to the coil results in a magnetic field that causes the core and the associated plug to rise up, thanks to which the valve opens and the refrigerant can flow. After removing the power, the falling "mushroom" completely cuts off the flow in any direction. The entire range of coils enables the selection of valves for various types of electrical supply, both direct current and alternating current, for voltages from 12 to 380V. 

The signal controlling the activation and deactivation of this type of valve can come from both the temperature and pressure sensor.

Castel and Danfoss solenoid valves 

Like the other elements of refrigeration automation, solenoid valves from Castel and Danfoss, are (for different diameters of pipelines) in two variants: as made for screwed connections and soldered joints. The latter, of course, guarantee greater tightness, but require higher skills during assembly in terms of soldering processes as well as care for proper cooling of the valve body to protect the valve against overheating.