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In our offer, we have both fans of reputable brands of Östberg and Lionball, as well as spare parts and ventilation accessories. We also have compact fans, axial fans mounted on the grid, suction, axial pressure, wall mounted wall fans, duct fans and transverse radial. We also sell accessories and spare parts such as; propellers, safety nets, retaining rings - for both blowers and suction fans, motors for Lionball, Elco, Ebm Papst fans.

Axial fans and ventilation systems

Axial fans on the plate serve for general ventilation of small and medium spaces, both industrial and utility. They are used in premises such as wholesalers, production halls, warehouses, farm facilities - but also garages, cellars or attics. Axial fans on the grid, on the other hand, are used mainly as a component of a cooling or heating installation in all types of heat exchangers such as condensing units, radiators, ventilators and air heaters.

Suction axial fans - commonly installed in refrigeration units, force the air flow through the condenser while directing a stream of cold air to the compressor. On the other hand axial-pressure fans are most often used to force the flow of warm air into the room after it has passed through the heater (water, electric). Such solutions are used i.e. in grocery stores, workshops, production halls or warehouses.