Knives, pipe cutters

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Cutters and cutters for cutting copper pipes

One of the basic processes during the construction of refrigeration and air conditioning systems is the cutting of copper pipes, which are normally delivered to the construction site in the form of five-meter sections - so-called hard copper, or coils of 25 or 50 mb - so-called soft copper. To guarantee good quality of the cut surface, without bumps and harmful burrs, it is necessary to use good quality, professional copper pipe cutters. "Clean" cutting made possible by a good quality cutter is a guarantee of making good and tight connections and therefore safe and efficient installation.

Tools for precision pipe cutting

The basic element of any copper pipe cutter is a cutting wheel made of good quality steel that rotates on a pin and, with the help of a manual mechanism, is pressed against the pipe located between the blade and a set of rotating shafts. The pressure is realized by a simple worm mechanism located in the handle of the cutter.

In our offer there are cutters of REFCO and VALUE, among others. They provide sharp and precise cutting, minimizing the risk of deformation of the pipe. Different sizes of knives allow you to cut pipes from 6mm to even 42mm in diameter. They are easy-to-use tools that allow quick and efficient cutting, which is especially important in the work of installers and service technicians.

Efficiency and durability of pipe cutters

These cutters are made of high-quality materials, which guarantees long-lasting use and resistance to wear. The ergonomic handles of these tools provide comfort and safety during cutting, which is important when the cutters are frequently used in different working conditions.

Copper pipe cutters are an indispensable tool for any professional who needs a reliable and precise tool for working with copper pipes. Their performance, precision and durability make them a valuable addition to the equipment of any professional dealing with copper pipe installations.