Flaring tools for copper pipes

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Flaring tools for copper pipes - Kelich machines and reaming machines for copper pipes

One of the basic methods of connecting individual components of a refrigeration system using soft copper tubing are the so-called cup connections. In this method, a conical cup is made on the end of the pipe using a special tool, which, via a brass nut, is pressed against the conical surface of the threaded spigot. In order for the connection to be durable, secure and, most importantly, absolutely leak-proof - durable cups on soft copper pipes must be made with due care, be even and of the right size. Good quality service tools allow you to make a joint with the desired parameters.

Grandfather splitter - the principle of operation

In our offer you will find grandfathered pipe splitters for copper pipes from various manufacturers. Among them there is also a pear-type pipe reamer called "grandfather" - a device with well-established popularity among installers due to its durability, ergonomics of use and the quality of the performed cups. Peelers of this design, through the work of three mutually rotating conical mandrels made of hard carbon steel, make it possible to obtain an extremely smooth and even surface of the cup. The small size of this chaser allows the process of making cups to be carried out even in hard-to-reach places. Suitable inserts allow it to be used also for 1/4",3/8",1/2",5/8",3/4 inch pipes.

Bending machines - other models

Other bending machines work on the principle of an eccentrically moving cone, which bends a conical cup in a tube fixed in a special holder in the shape of an elongated bar with several holes. Each hole corresponds to a different diameter of the pipe to be processed. Usually this type of chuck is dedicated to several pipe sizes, but always either metric or inch refrigeration pipes. Here, the choice of products allows customization to suit individual installers' preferences.

A cup for air conditioning installers

In air conditioning, durable, even cups, free of burrs, are a guarantee of a tight and therefore properly functioning and reliable installation. Cups purchased in our store allow you to create accurate cups, facilitate the work of installers, guarantee the correct operation of the refrigeration system.