Recovery stations

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Refrigerant recovery machine

Refrigerant recovery consists of the removal of substances used in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems from decommissioned or repaired installations. In this way, the recovered refrigerants can be reused, provided that they are suitable for reuse due to their parameters, or can be disposed of if they are unsuitable for recovery. To ensure that the entire process is carried out safely and in accordance with the law, the best option is to use the refrigerant recovery machines that we offer in the category presented.

When the unit is switched on, the liquid state and then the liquid form are transferred between the refrigerant cylinder or the unit filled with it and a special double-acting recovery cylinder. The machines feature onboard system monitoring that adjusts motor performance to efficiently manage the recovery process, ensuring optimal performance whether handling liquid or running faster on vapor.

The recovery stations in our shop allow the fast and safe withdrawal of various categories of refrigerants.

Which recovery machine to choose

When selecting a recovery station, it is important to pay attention to several basic parameters. The key one is the recovery capacity in kg/min, which determines the unit’s ability to recycle a quantity of the substance per time unit. Fast handling of both liquid and gaseous refrigerant makes the service most efficient. The onboard system monitoring adjusts motor performance to handle liquid and run twice as fast on vapor, showcasing the machine's capability to efficiently manage liquid components during the recovery process.

Check which refrigerant we can shunt and which type of refrigerant the station can handle. This is particularly important in the context of highly flammable refrigerants such as R32 or R1234yf. Stations for such substances must be properly designed and built to eliminate the risk of ignition. The Thermaflo Recovery Machine, for example, is designed to operate effectively in high ambient temperatures and is suitable for recovering high-pressure refrigerants, including R410A, highlighting its ability to pull deep vacuums. You will find all this information in the operating instructions. Its patented design and features can cut your recovery time in half, emphasizing efficiency and speed in the recovery process.

A refrigerant recovery station with an oil separator is certainly a better choice. It ensures that the refrigerant is already pre-cleaned during the recovery procedure. The oil separator separates the used oil from the freon itself.

Accessories useful during the refrigerant recovery procedure

In addition to the station itself, several other products are needed during the refrigerant recovery process from the installation:

a pressure cylinder with a two-way valve for each type of controlled substance or fluorinated greenhouse gas currently in use or being recovered. Two-valve recovery cylinders with a capacity adapted to the volume of the tank to be emptied, properly labelled for the legal storage of recovered agents. Scales with a measuring range adapted to the size of the container to be filled. Our shop offers electronic scales for agents with a measuring range of up to 100 kg, including those equipped with a solenoid valve that automatically closes the agent flow after the programmed amount of agent has been transferred.

Pressure hoses with shut-off valves to prevent controlled substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Reliable ball valves ensure that the process of drawing the refrigerant into the cylinder is carried out correctly.

Pressure gauge set. In our shop, you can buy them both in traditional form with pressure gauges calibrated for individual refrigerants and in the form of an electronic valve holder programmed for all refrigerants available on the market.

Take a look at our range of refrigerant recovery stations for the most efficient and reliable solution for any air conditioning service. At Elgracool, we guarantee top quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding refrigeration professionals.