Copper cooling pipes

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Pipes for refrigeration and air conditioning

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems use pipes with particularly high purity requirements with factory-fitted ends in accordance with EN 12735-1. In our offer you will find the empty Frigotec refrigeration pipes (from BMA-Austria, belonging to the Wieland Group) and the air conditioning pipes in the Frigotec Plus range of wall thicknesses from 0.8 to 1.0 mm. Always keep copper pipes cool against moisture, foreign objects, dust and other contaminants. Excessive water may cause serious damage and therefore special precautions are required. It is therefore imperative to secure all ends of the tubes by crimping them with special crimping pliers or with the use of special plugs supplied with the pipe by some manufacturers. Also, when brazing two copper pipe sections or joining with copper fittings by welding, the tubes must be protected against oxidation of their internal surfaces. This phenomenon may result in clogging of the solenoid valve, capillary or return line. To prevent this, air is removed by filling the brazed section with neutral nitrogen.