Refrigeration filters

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Filters of refrigeration installations

In the assembly process and during the operation of the refrigeration system as well as during service work, the refrigeration installation is exposed to both mechanical impurities and moisture from the refrigerant circulating in the system. Therefore it is necessary to install a drier filter. which absorbs moisture from the refrigerant. capturing of solid impurities (such as filings, sediments, scale and oil deposits), possibly binding of acids.

In medium- and higher-capacity refrigeration systems, both fixed insert filters and filter driers with a replaceable cartridge are currently used. In the first case, we deal with soldered or welded housing containing a contribution of specially selected dehydrating and filtering substances (molecular sieves, silicone gel, aluminum oxide) terminated on both sides with connectors (for soldering or screwing) with which the filter is connected to the installation. Such a filter should be strictly replaced after each intervention in a refrigeration system requiring its depressurization and also in the event of its excessive contamination. The increase in flow resistance and thus the pressure drop can be seen as a clear difference in temperature at the inlet and outlet of the filter or by observing the vapor bubbles appearing in the sight glass. Products here.

In our offer we mainly have CASTEL filter driers from one of the world's leading suppliers of this product group, also known from other automation and cooling armature components, such as: solenoid valves, shut-off valves and safety valves, sight-glasses, switching fittings.

Suction filters - filter in the refrigeration system on the suction side

On the suction side of the installation, especially in medium and higher efficiency systems, it is recommended to install mechanical filters. The main task of such a filter is to capture mechanical impurities that may arise during the first assembly of the installation. Any copper filings from treated pipelines or deposits formed during the soldering process pose a serious threat to the compressor. Mechanical filters can be made both in the version with a fixed insert and in the version with a replaceable cartridge in a dismountable housing.

In our offer you will find the suction filters from the FAVORCOOL company from the SSR series equipped with two access valves thanks to which you can easily determine the degree of contamination of the cartridge by controlling the pressure drop.