Copper pipe benders

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Air conditioning and refrigeration copper pipe benders

The category "Copper Pipe Benders" includes numerous tools for working with copper pipes, which are essential in industries such as air conditioning and refrigeration. These tools allow precise shaping of copper pipes without the risk of damage or breakage, which is crucial when building air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Types of bending machines in the offer of

In the offer of our store you will find several types of pipe bending tools - among them, the most popular and universal crossbow bender equipped with interchangeable bending segments that allow you to process copper pipes with diameters up to 22 mm or 1" .The ratchet mechanism characteristic of these tools allows you to precisely set the bending angle, which is essential for creating precise shapes in the processed pipes.

This tool in the "reverse" version allows you to bend pipes inward and outward as needed. Another proposition is copper bending springs with diameters from 3/8" to 3/4" - a simple and reliable solution traditionally used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Finally - a relatively new design - a bender in the form of rods made of special plastic: a product that allows you to get the right angle to bend the pipe without worrying about the collapse of the pipe walls.

Design of pipe benders

Pipe bending instruments are designed for durability and efficiency. They must provide ergonomics for use. Their construction uses materials such as aluminum, plastics and some parts are made of stainless steel. This ensures their long-lasting performance even with intensive use.

In air conditioning and refrigeration, the use of copper tube benders is extensive. They are indispensable in the construction and servicing of both small domestic installations and large industrial projects. Their ability to precisely bend pipes cold is invaluable in many applications where high accuracy and reliability are required.