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Mechanical thermostats

Installed in refrigerators, coolers and freezers, mechanical thermostats are used for maintaining the temperature at a given level. Their principle of operation is based on using a capillary filled with a substance that changes its properties (above all volume) depending on the temperature of the system to which the thermostat is connected. When the set value is exceeded using the element. Depending on the configuration, the connection or interruption of the circuit takes place supply. Mechanical thermostats, due to the favorable value for money, are widely used in refrigerators and freezers that do not require very much
precise temperature control. These devices operate with a longer delay than their electronic counterparts and are characterized by lower accuracy. Their parameters are however, completely sufficient to maintain the required temperatures in this type installations. 

Thermostats of well-known brands in the Elgracool

Offer of the Elgracool cooling warehouse assortment includes mechanical thermostats produced by the brands known on the market, i.e. Danfoss or Ranco. We offer original service mechanical thermostats, designed for specific versions of freezers and refrigerators as well as universal products, including distance control. Each the product has been provided with an exact specification that includes the temperature setting range thermostat state changes, as well as the length of the measuring capillary. In addition to classic devices such as a fridge or freezer, a standard thermostat mechanical is used in many places. It can serve as a regulator in air-conditioning installations (e.g. for controlling fans), heating or refrigeration. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products that for a long time they will remain reliable. Modern components of well-known brands ensure stability effects and repeatability of effects. However, it should be remembered that a great impact on correctness work of mechanical thermostats has the quality of their assembly.