PVC foils, curtains

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Strip Curtains made of PVC foil

High quality, durable strip curtain (ribbon) is the optimum solution for reducing the temperature change between neighboring rooms due to the purchase and operating costs. The PVC strip curtains, in addition to the temperature limitation, also provide dust and insect protection, also reducing noise levels. Due to the material they are made of, soft strip PVC (polyvinyl chloride) curtains separate rooms, while ensuring high transparency of the barrier. The rooms can be economically illuminated. Ease of installation and renovation are another advantages of this solution.

PVC strip curtain - use and functionality

The strip curtain is particularly applicable in cold stores, freezers, warehouses and food processing plants, food stores, fruit and vegetable stores. PVC strip curtains also serve as welding baffles, workplace insulation that protects from dust, noise and sparks. They are commonly used as baffles in unloading gates or as entry baffles. The PVC strip curtains, thanks to their flexibility, work well in rooms with high frequency of movement - which is why they are so often used as belt curtains for doors and gates. They are safe because they are made of non-combustible materials. Depending on their purpose and key features, they can be ordered as: welding strip curtain (UV resistant) and used in the vicinity of electrical appliances or as electrostatic belt curtains. Strip curtains for cold rooms or freeze rooms are used to set off rooms with extremely low temperatures. They have a higher thermal tolerance than standard ones. Their design allows for quick assembly and, if necessary, quick disassembly and replacement, or replacement of damaged or worn parts