Air curtains

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Air curtains

The use of an air curtain in a building or a specific room allows for creating an invisible barrier that will separate the masses of air in his interior from external factors. Limiting the phenomenon of air mixing allows you to save energy used for heating or cooling rooms, because it reduces losses caused by heat escaping (and coolness during the summer) outside. The vertical or horizontal air stream produced by the air curtains makes it difficult also get into the interior of rooms insects, dusts and others pollution. Installing this device in a door or gateway brings so no only financial savings, but also improves the comfort of work in the building.

Elgra air curtains

The main structural element of the air curtain is the fan that it generates an air stream with a certain efficiency. In addition, these devices can be equipped with electric heaters, thanks to which they gain the option of a warm air blowing. Alternatively, instead of the heater, water exchangers are installed. Whole device is enclosed in a metal housing whose shape directs the stream. Depending on the needs, the air curtains can be mounted at different heights, vertically or horizontally. Comfortable control of the device's operation is possible with the included remote control remote control. Elgracool's offer includes various air curtains sizes and capacities, in the heating or cold version.

Application of air curtains

The features of these products discussed above make them applicable above all at service points. Open doors encourage customers to visit, and losses heat (or cold summer) are smaller. Uninvited guests - or insects - have instead difficult access. These products also work well in industry and warehouses as well cold stores, facilitating the process of transporting goods between zones of different temperature.