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Due to the desire to ensure more airtightness of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, the use of solder joints is becoming more and more common. For small hermetic refrigeration appliances the most common method of soldering is the so-called soft soldering where operating temperatures range from 200 to 300 stC. It is recommended to use hard soldering for large diameter pipes and vibration systems where operating temperatures are usually between 600 and 800 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, at a temperature above 700 °C, copper enters the oxygenation process, creating oxide (scale), which, when torn from the substrate, can endanger the installation. To prevent this, soldering the pipe with nitrogen or other inert gas should be done during soldering, as well as the use of solders with the lowest operating temperature. eg February L-Ag45Sn or L-Ag40Sn. This type of solders in the refrigeration industry is usually used in the form of wire 2mm diameter factory coated with flux.

Solders with plenty of silver provides high strength and resistance to low temperatures. As the silver content increases, the solder temperature decreases, but unfortunately its price increases.

During brazing, the required temperature is obtained with an acetylene-oxygen or propane-oxygen device.

In our offer we have a wide range of solders in both square and round shapes, bare and covered, with different silver content: from 2% to 45%.