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Vibration absorber - anacondas

During the operation of the compressor in the refrigeration system, compressor-induced vibration is generated, which is transmitted through the system piping to all other components of the system, including rigidly connected piping. This can threaten to crack fasteners and welds and generate annoying noises emitted to the environment. To offset this adverse phenomenon, compressors are mounted on springs or special rubber washers. However, in refrigeration systems equipped with medium and large compressors, this type of preventive measure is sometimes insufficient. For additional protection, vibration absorbers, also known as “anacondas,” are designed and used to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping.

How the anaconda vibration absorbers are constructed

Vibration dampers are made of corrugated steel pipe ending on both sides with copper or copper-plated connections with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the pipe to which it is soldered. The unique oxygen brazing between the copper socket and stainless steel ferrule in these vibration absorbers is designed specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, enhancing their durability and performance. From the outside, the anaconda is shielded by a flexible metal mesh. This design helps to reduce vibrations arising especially when starting and stopping the compressor.

Anacondas for refrigeration systems in the offer of Elgracool.pl

We offer a wide range of products designed to effectively reduce and control noise and vibration in a variety of applications, including air conditioning and commercial refrigeration, focusing on the installation lines.

Each product in this category has been carefully designed in accordance with safety standards and to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Vibration dampers are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate installations of different sizes and discharge line diameters, including fit refrigerant tubes ranging from 1/4" to 4-1/8". From medium-sized catering or commercial installations to large industrial refrigeration plants, the vibration dampers in our range are designed to provide maximum efficiency in reducing noise and vibration.