Service hoses

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A/C service hoses

Properly designed and manufactured service hoses (sometimes erroneously referred to as service lines) are used to transfer refrigerant between the fixed components of a refrigeration or air conditioning system and measuring tools or refrigerant tanks. With their help, we create a temporary installation for refrigerant filling or recovery.

Quality of service hoses

To guarantee tightness in refrigeration systems and prevent any leakage and loss of refrigerant - the filling service hose must meet high quality requirements in terms of resistance to increased pressure, chemical effects of the refrigerant and the oils mixed with it, as well as traces of water contained in their mixture. Filling hoses are made of high-quality (sometimes additionally reinforced) rubber. Good quality hoses that you will find in our store provide an operating pressure of up to 60 bar and a parameter defined as: burst pressure of 300 bar.

Service hoses vs. connections

Air-conditioning hoses are equipped at the ends with threaded connections (usually with an internal thread ¼" SAE or ½"- 20UNF, sometimes 3/8" SAE) equipped with Teflon or rubber seals and on one side the so-called valve pusher - used to open the schrader valve in the installation to which we connect the measuring instrument. Sometimes the hose is factory equipped with a ball shut-off valve.

Service hoses for air conditioning and refrigeration of the REFCO brand offered in our store come in various lengths from 30 cm to even 5 mb. Depending on the purpose, they are available in blue, red and yellow colors. The colors facilitate identification and ensure correct connection to the appropriate connections in the system.