Pressure controls

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The pressure switch is a differential pressure sensor that is used in heating and air conditioning as well as in industrial refrigeration. It protects against too low pressure on the suction side or too high on the pressure side of the installation. Standard devices consist of a relay, connected to two measuring pressure lines and a maximum of three electric ones. If the differential pressure in the system reaches a defined dangerous level - the pressure switch is able to turn off the power of specific components or the entire device to avoid a serious failure. Depending on the specificity of the installation, components with automatic or manual reset are used.

Presostats in the Elgracool store offer

The range of wholesalers of Elgracool air conditioning and refrigeration equipment includes pressure switches for professional applications produced by companies such as Danfoss and Ranco. Our offer includes single devices installed on the high or low pressure side, as well as double systems enabling control of both parameters using one compact pressure switch. These products can be used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems (also for large commercial applications), ice-making machines and devices for storing food products. The compact design with small dimensions and low weight facilitates safe assembly. Models adapted to work in harsh environmental conditions with IP67 tightness are available.

The use of high quality pressure switches helps to protect the system against the emergence of pressures that threaten the safety of individual components of the installation, and thus its users. We strive to ensure that the products available in our offer are reliable and meet the high requirements of customers. Well-known brands with many years of experience in the industry offer equipment characterized by high accuracy, stable operation, as well as fast and repeatable operation.