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Pursuant to Article 11 (5) of EU Regulation 517/2014: Non-hermetically sealed devices filled with fluorinated greenhouse gases shall be sold to the end user only if evidence is provided that the installation is to be carried out by an entity certified in accordance with Article 10.

This can be evidenced by a contract for the installation service containing device identification data (air conditioner model) and the certificate number of the person or undertaking performing the installation service.

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Air conditioners are considered by many to be one of the most important inventions of the 20th century because they have significantly improved our comfort in extreme temperatures, which are increasingly occurring in our climate zone. Thanks to them it is possible to maintain the user-defined air parameters in the room. Air conditioning is present today in almost every public facility, and more often it is also found in houses and appartments. Modern appliances are energy-efficient and quiet. Not only do they cool efficiently during the heat, but they also heat up when needed. Thanks to special filters they can regulate its humidity and deprive allergens and bacteria, thus improving the well-being of many people suffering from chronic upper respiratory illnesses.

Our air conditioners wholesale offers the best air conditioners from reputable manufacturers as well as the necessary air conditioning accessories. We offer wholesale and retail air conditioners of the following manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Fujitsu, Kaisai, MDV. Wall, cassette, ceiling-ceiling, wall-ceiling, wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall, cassette, wall-ceiling, floor-ceiling, canal air conditioners

Wall air conditioners are compact and efficient wall-mounted split units that feature extensive automation (remote control) and convenience of use. Perfect for flats, shops and small offices. The cassette air conditioners are mounted in a suspended ceiling and covered with a stylish cover so that they do not interfere with the interior. Cooled air is first spread out on the ceiling and only then falls down evenly. Wall-ceiling air conditioners are modern appliances that combine the high efficiency of cassette air conditioners with the compact dimensions of wall units, so they can also be used in large rooms. Floor-mounted air conditioners can be installed either on the floor, i.e. in a bay window or under the ceiling. Their construction is similar to modern radiators. They have a double and automatic reversing direction. Duct air conditioners allow the distribution of air from one unit to many rooms at the same time and automatically adjust the supply air temperature to the prevailing room conditions. We invite you to contact us and cooperate with our air conditioner wholesale.