Refrigeration units

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The refrigeration unit is a device consisting of a compressor, a condenser (water or air), an oil separator, a refrigerant tank, refrigerant compressor protection systems and refrigeration fittings. These systems are sold as a homogeneous design which, when the expansion valve (with the control system) and the evaporator are connected, becomes a complete refrigeration circuit. The unit is a basic element of refrigeration systems, so when buying it, you should choose products of proven and reliable brands.

Refrigeration units available in our store are selected for high reliability, low power consumption and robust performance, guaranteeing long and trouble-free operation. By reviewing our offer, you can compare more specific parameters relevant to the cooling process such as cooling capacity, operating range, factor used, liquid tank capacity, type of power supply. Detailed technical data in the form of attached PDFs, clear tables, and high quality images allow you to conveniently select the most suitable product.

Condensing units

The condensing units offered by our store with a cooling capacity up to 30 kW are used in commercial low and medium temperature refrigeration systems as well as in high temperature systems, in air conditioning and heat pumps. Built on the basis of piston and rotary hermetic compressors, the condensing units of Embraco Aspera and Tecumseh are available both in the open version and in the Silensys type housing especially useful where it is necessary to provide a very low noise level.