Temperature recorders

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Temperature recorders

Discover our range of temperature loggers - which are designed to measure and record temperature and events (door opening, etc.).

Basic parameters of a temperature logger

Temperature loggers used in transportation are crucial for monitoring and archiving data on the parameters of controlled processes. Here is a description of the technical parameters of these devices:

Alphanumeric display: current temperature values and alarm conditions are presented on a backlit display. This makes it possible to monitor and react to possible deviations from the norm on an ongoing basis.

Non-volatile memory: Measurement data is stored in the recorder's non-volatile memory. This means that even when the device is turned off, the stored information remains available.

Programmable data storage frequency: Loggers allow you to set the frequency of data storage. Typically, this frequency can be programmed from 1 minute to 24 hours, adjusting it to the specifics of the transport.

Memory capacity: The best recorders can store up to 62,000 measurements. This is enough for about 1 year of operation, and when the memory is full, the device automatically overwrites the oldest data with the latest.

Password protection: More modern logger models have password-protected menu entry, which protects data from unauthorized access

Typical functions of a temperature logger

Temperature loggers used in specialized transportation are extremely useful. They allow monitoring and collection of temperature data during transportation, especially for Time Critical services. On each logger report, important information such as owner data, vehicle and sensor descriptions, temperature waveforms, digital input events, temperature alarm conditions, and the start and end time of delivery are visible. This allows the final recipient of the goods to trace the entire history of the transport.

In addition, the temperature logger can be equipped with a USB port for transferring recorded measurements to a computer. All you need is a standard flash drive, and the data transfer operation is simple and described in the user's manual

Calibration certificates

You can also order a recorder from us together with a calibration certificate issued by an accredited calibration laboratory.

The right recorder for your needs

Whether you need to monitor conditions in production facilities, production halls or during transport, you will find temperature loggers in our range that allow you to track temperature levels accurately and reliably. Take a look at our range and choose the device that best suits the needs of your business.