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L'UNITE HERMETIQUE refrigeration compressors

Tecumseh Products Company was founded in the United States in 1934, and today, after more than eighty years, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hermetic, piston, rotary and spiral compressors in the efficiency range of 80W to 27kW. In addition, the company offers a whole range of condensing units used in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems sold under the brands: L'UNITE HERMETIQUE, SILENSYS, WINTSYS.

The range includes TH & AE piston compressors, new generation AJ2 compressors, FH two-cylinder compressors and three-cylinder compressors AG for refrigeration and commercial refrigeration. For air conditioning, rotary models RG and HG series and scroll scroll compressors VSC are available.

L'Unite Hermetique compressors are products created with special care for the environment. Guaranteed low noise, low power consumption, universally appreciated reliability. Tecumseh compressors work not only with HFCs such as R404A, R507, R407C, R134a, but also with the new R1234yf, R449A, R290 refrigerants, so they can keep up with the ever-changing market that puts more emphasis on energy efficient and low-power solutions. Effects on the ozone layer (ODP) and low impact on global warming (WSE).