Vacuum pumps

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Vacuum pumps for refrigeration and air conditioning

There are many types of vacuum pumps, such as diffusion pumps, molecular pumps, turbomolecular pumps, oil pumps, oil-free pumps or Roots pumps, which are used in various sectors: chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food industry, etc. Their applications include production processes and vacuum maintenance in various environments . One area of application for vacuum pumps is refrigeration and air conditioning, where they are used to create vacuum in the closed space of a refrigeration system, getting rid of the air collected in the system . The result is the removal of moisture from the system, which translates into correct and longer operation of the air conditioning and refrigeration system.

Are our vacuum pumps suitable for F-GAZ control?

According to the Decree of the Minister of Development of 7 December 2017,on compulsory equipment for personnel handling controlled substances and refrigerants, it is necessary to have a portable vacuum pump that meets the standards for F-GAZ certification, i.e. reaching a pressure of 270 Pa or less. We only offer units which provide the required: capacity, flow rate and final vacuum, and which can operate without failing for a very long time.

Principles of operation of a rotary vane vacuum pump

Vane pumps commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning are built in a similar way regardless of size . The rotating eccentrically mounted impeller inside a closed cylinder is fitted with vanes which, as the impeller rotates, under the influence of the centrifugal force, slide along the inner surface of the cylinder creating volume-changing closed spaces. The amount of refrigerant taken from the inlet duct is pushed towards the discharge duct in a continuously decreasing space . An increase in chamber volume creates a vacuum and suction in the intake duct and the connected refrigeration system . Decreasing chamber volume causes an increase in pressure in the discharge duct region and pushes the refrigerant out of the compressor.

Vane pumps are characterised by their relatively simple design, low noise level, and can handle not only gases but also liquids. Vacuum pumps are a key component in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, enabling efficient gas removal by creating a vacuum in closed systems.

Single-stage or two-stage?

Single-stage and two-stage pumps differ in construction. With one or two cylinders, this results in completely different capacities being achieved at the same time. A single-stage pump achieves a pressure of 0.02 mBar, while a two-stage pump achieves twice as much, at 0.002 mBar. For small volume air conditioning or refrigeration systems, you will probably only need a single-stage pump to work. However, if you work professionally, with a high frequency, with refrigeration or air-conditioning systems, the performance, pumping speed and final pressure are important to you. It is therefore advisable to choose an appropriately sized two-stage pump, also with additional equipment such as a built-in vacuum gauge or non-return valve.Such pumps allow you to achieve a lower vacuum than single-stage pumps.

Additional equipment

Our product range includes vacuum pumps fitted with a precision vacuum gauge mounted vertically inside a compact housing - which protects it from possible mechanical damage during transport or use . An electro-return valve maintains the vacuum and prevents oil from flowing back into the system when the power to the pump is switched off.

A trusted brand - a reliable product

We offer Value brand pumps, a well-known and proven manufacturer chosen by professionals and offering a wide range of refrigeration equipment. Thanks to their robust stainless steel construction, vacuum pumps from Value guarantee high resistance to mechanical damage in all conditions. We offer a variety of models, both single-stage and two-stage, both socket-powered and battery-powered, to suit different needs.

Why choose our range?

A high-quality vacuum pump is essential for the correct installation of the entire system. We are aware of this, which is why we only offer proven vacuum pumps from respected manufacturers. In this category, we offer devices in various price ranges and for a variety of applications. You will find here both cheaper vacuum pumps for car air-conditioning, small-sized devices and advanced vacuum pumps for complex refrigeration systems. In addition, we offer a variety of accessories such as oils, filters, valves or couplings, which are always worth having on hand.We offer competitive prices, fast delivery and professional technical support.