Cut-off valves

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Shut-off valves

Welcome to the section of shut-off valves for refrigeration equipment. Our offer includes a wide selection of valves that are essential in any refrigeration system. We provide the highest quality products that guarantee reliability and long-lasting performance.

What are shut-off valves?

Shut-off valves are used in more sophisticated refrigeration systems. They do not actually perform any regulatory role, but allow you to control the flow of refrigerant and, in particular, to close off the flow of the medium during installation and service work. The shut-off valve allows you to cut off individual parts of the system, which is necessary when replacing damaged, faulty automation elements or fittings, repairing or diagnosing the system, removing the causes of gas loss in the system.

Our offer

Manual shut-off valves are produced as angle and straight valves. They are equipped with a knob for manual adjustment or a keyed nut. The latter are used where we want to limit the possibility of direct user access to the system reserving it only for a qualified service technician. In our store we offer a variety of types of shut-off valves, which can be divided according to the direction of flow into:

  • Angle valves: Ideal for places with limited space. They provide easy accessibility and operation

  • Straight valves: the most popular solution

  • By design, on the other hand - manual shut-off valves are divided into :

  • Diaphragm valves - with a seal in the form of a flexible diaphragm

  • Ball valves - the most reliable and easy to operate. They have only two settings: "open" in the direction of the flow of the medium and "closed".

All valves in our range are made of high-quality materials, resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Application of shut-off valves

Our valves are used in various types of refrigeration systems, such as:

  • Industrial cooling systems

  • Stationary air conditioning

  • Refrigeration equipment in the food service sector

  • Domestic refrigerators and freezers

Why choose our valves?

  • High quality: We guarantee that our valves are made of the best materials.

  • Reliability: Our products are tested to withstand tough working conditions.

  • Technical support: We offer professional advice and technical support.

  • Competitive prices: We provide attractive prices while maintaining high quality products.