Electronic refrigerant scales

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Electronic Scales for Refrigerant

The Electronic Scales for Refrigerant category highlights advanced scales vital for accurately weighing the refrigerant weight in refrigeration systems including heat pumps. These scales are crucial for charging refrigeration systems to the correct operating temperature based on measured data. Ideal for use with tools like the TESTO manifold, these scales help in reaching the target value and ensuring an efficient charging process.

Service Equipment for Air Conditioning Installers and Service Technicians

A key tool for technicians certified in handling stationary refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump equipment is a refrigerant scale with a measuring range suitable for the container size. This is critical in both filling systems and monitoring refrigerant removal during recovery. Popular choices are electronic platform scales, often with a 100 kg range, stored in a hard PVC case for protection during transport.

Parameters of Electronic Scales

Effective air conditioning scales should ensure at least 0.5% accuracy of the measuring scale and a resolution no less than 0.5oz or 10G. A bright, large display is essential. Features like an ergonomic, lightweight design enhance portability and ease of use, even in challenging conditions.

Advanced models are equipped with an intelligent valve for precise refrigerant measurement during system filling. These scales can automatically shut off the refrigerant flow once the target superheat or refrigerant amount is reached, as programmed, thus reducing the need for constant monitoring.

Favorcool and Value Scales

Our offerings at elgracool.pl include Favorcool and Value refrigerant scales, available in basic and advanced models featuring a solenoid valve. These user-friendly scales assist in effective refrigerant management.