Deburring tools

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Deburrers for steel and copper pipes

The category "Deburring Tools" includes tools designed for removing dangerous burrs and chamfering the edges of steel pipes, copper pipes and those made of plastic or aluminum. These deburrers are indispensable in the process of preparing pipes for piping construction, ensuring safety and precision of connections. Sharp edges and burrs are common causes of leaks, but also of mechanical damage to the refrigeration system contaminated with them.

Universal deburrer and its application

The universal deburrer in our offer is equipped with blades made of high-quality steel, which are ideal for working with copper pipes used in air conditioning and refrigeration. The design of these deburrers allows the effective removal of sharp edges and the creation of smooth surfaces, which is crucial when preparing pipes for further processing, i.e. making cups for bolted connections or drenching the ends of the pipe for soldered connections. Depending on your needs, they are used to deburr both the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe.

Construction and blades of deburrers

The blades in the deburrers are made of materials such as high-speed steel, which ensures strength and long-lasting use. Made of plastic or aluminum, the housing or handle of the deburrer is designed to provide comfort and control during use. These deburrers are used not only for machining pipes, but also for deburring holes, rods, threads and other parts.

Deburrers are indispensable tools for professionals in industries such as plumbing, refrigeration, as well as during other construction and workshop work. Their versatility, durability and precision make them a valuable tool in any tool kit.