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From a small family company to a global giant in the field of solutions for industry, trade and the consumer. Today, Danfoss is one of the most recognizable global brands. It is a manufacturer of high-performance systems in the field of cooling, heating and air conditioning. Employs over 25,000 employees in many factories and logistic centers around the world. Focuses on activities that lead to sustainable global development. It is a brand that supports a modern client, aware of the high level of human participation in shaping the quality of the environment.

Danfoss manufacturer

Danfoss is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. Designs and manufactures very effective refrigeration compressors. The wide range of Danfoss also includes refrigeration units and refrigeration automation. Danfoss as the owner of the Maneurop brand launches a wide range of so-called "Blue" piston and spiral compressors of medium and high efficiency and built-in aggregates from the Optima series. Solid construction and excellent equipment sets them apart from the competition. They can work in very difficult conditions, in which other compressors could not. Part of the production (formerly known by Danfoss) of the "black" reciprocating compressors was handed over to the cooperating Danish company SECOP and under this brand for several years successfully recovers a significant part of the market for low and medium performance compressors.

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Expectations of customers and care for the natural environment are at the center of Danfoss' interest, and the Danish manufacturer focuses on efforts to introduce new, efficient solutions. It is not only a technique, but also customer service. Danfoss' wholesale and retail sale thanks to an extensive distribution network is possible 24 hours a day. Our online store allows you to choose the right product and receive the shipment quickly and efficiently. Refrigeration compressors, refrigeration units and refrigeration automation are available from our warehouse almost immediately.