Privacy policy

While using our internet shop, you accept our rules of privacy policy, displayed on this page.

Personal data

While using our internet shop, you may be asked to provide your personal data:

    * In case of  starting a subscription of our newsletter only providing your e-mail address is required
    * Full personal data will be necessary while registering (creating an account) in our shop- required realizing any orders, may be also required to use some of the promotions and discounts.
    * Full personal data will be necessary  while placing an order in our shop (that is if you haven’t already registered in our shop; if you have, they will be copied from your account)- they will be required to realize the order

Not providing the personal data will make the current process impossible to finish. Remember! You always have a right to change your personal data or delete it from our shop.

Personal data provided from our clients in the pages which enable interaction with the user (i.e. forums, comments on products) are visible for all those, who are reading those pages. We are unable to filter them and secure from unauthorized use by third party. (Not sure if it sounds right)

Personal data of our clients are NOT exposed or sold by us to any individuals or third party firms.

Marketing mailing

We reserve the right to send unannounced e-mail messages to individuals who have registered their accounts in our shop (this point doesn’t include those clients who are placing orders without creating accounts in our shop).  E-mails can also include information directly connected to our shop’s activity (i.e. promotions, new offers), as well as those not directly connected to it (i.e. greetings). They may also include texts prepared by our business partners.

We would also like to underline that we do our best to ensure that e-mailing won’t be inconvenient for our clients, we reduce its size and send it only if necessary. All of those messages iclude a special link, enabling the client to resign from further e-mailing without the need of deleting the account.


The part of our shop that is responsible for registering the subscription of newsletter and unregistering is properly secured, so that there is no possibility of unauthorized use (signing up, signing out an individual who doesn’t wish this). Each of such operations needs to be confirmed by clicking a special link sent in e-mail. We are doing everything we can  do to ensure that there is no possibility of using the script in other way than it was intended.


Our internet shop uses cookies to mantain clients’ sessions in the shop. This operation is intended only to identify the client, cookies don’t store any data which would identify a certain person as visiting our shop.

The responsibility of the shop owner

We do not take responsibility for the advertisements of services offered by any third party which can possibly appear on our website. We care for their credibility, but it doesn’t release the client from reading them carefully and using them with caution.

Opinions expressed by individuals visiting the shop, are their own property. We don’t take any responsibility for them and we don’t identify with them. They are not always identical with our own opinions and outlooks.


We reserve the right to changes in our privacy policy. Individuals visiting our shop are always obliged by the current version, displayed on the website.