Wholesale Prices

Wholesale prices for registered HVACR companies

Our store offers a special, lower level of prices for installation, service and commercial companies in the HVACR industry. To buy at lower prices, you must become a wholesale buyer. This status can only be obtained by registered users of our store who:

  1. They conduct business activity in the field of: assembly and service of air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment, heat pumps, ventilation and heating installations, or they trade in products from the above-mentioned areas.
  2. They do not have any financial arrears towards our company.

How do I get wholesale status? 

  • Click on the link below - "wholesale registration form".
  • Fill out the form, then confirm the application by pressing the "register account" button. Your application will be sent to us, where it will be considered. If you meet the conditions for wholesalers, you will soon receive an e-mail from us informing you that you have obtained the status of "wholesale customer".
  • After receiving the confirmation e-mail - log in again using your login and password - you will see wholesale prices in the store.
  • (During registration, we encourage you to leave the option I want to receive E-mail Newsletter checked - this will allow us to inform you about any promotions and news in our store)

 Wholesale registration form

We reserve the right not to grant wholesale status and withdraw it without giving a reason.


How to make wholesale purchases?

To make wholesale purchases, you must log in to the store (using your login and password) on an account with the status of "wholesale customer". After logging in, the store's software will automatically recognize you and for all goods, instead of retail prices, you will see wholesale prices and you will make purchases at these prices.